Trekking in Sierra de la Ventana -ascent Tres Picos hill - Buenos Aires

Trekking in Sierra de la Ventana -ascent Tres Picos hill - Buenos Aires

A complete adventure in just one weekend

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625 km southwest of Buenos Aires
2 days + trip.
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Ventania's Massif 

The called and known Sierra de la Ventana is located about 580 km southwest of the city of Buenos Aires and belongs to Ventania massif, one of the oldest in America, formed in the Precambrian, more than 500 million years ago.

Imagine a hillside or a geographical point where the view 360 degrees shudder every feeling is no small thing. The summit of Cerro Tres Picos, is 1239 m and the highest in the province. Just simply enumerate some places and sites in all directions that can be seen from the roof: The Chained Laguna, Lake Step Stones, Pigué, Tornquist, Bahía Blanca, Sierra de la Ventana (village), Villa Ventana, Cerro Ventana and hollow , Coronel Pringles ...

Spend the night in the cave of guanacos and around, about 4 hours of trekking from Glorieta (starting point) in its side walls and will make interesting practices surrounding Rappel and Climbing with technical equipment and appropriate safety. Possible sightings of guanacos and other native fauna can also be a seasoning vital admiration.

Unlike other proposals admission to a more conventional saws will make it down the slopes and streams to the southern reaches from the town of Tornquist,, about 65 km north of Bahia Blanca, and from the hull of one of the rooms with more history of the area.

Given its age, the Sierra de la Ventana have been part (and remain as witnesses) evolutionary processes, geological and climatic global relevance. Water and wind are some of the agents causing particular Geoformations, styling naturally artistic morphology. Such is the case of the famous "Hole'' on the summit of Cerro Ventana. Each space offers a place to discover, a living example of the conjunction that surprise and enjoyment will provide.

Lots of caves and eaves, originated by the significant destruction, together with the erosive effects. Therefore, we invite you to discover the manifestations of primitive man "Rock Art" within the same natural settings in which they developed.

During the fall as well in the winter months temperatures, saws produced by the action of wind, a greater sense of cold and falling thermal marks in other cases, do not exceed 18 ° C., are even snowfall likely to confer a property much more attractive and exciting.



What we present here is the planned route for the crossing, but the exact route, the duration of each stage of travel and choice of alternative routes are subject to various factors such as weather conditions and group assessment by the guides.

Day 1: Meeting at the town of Tornquist. Transfer to Estancia Funke. Review equipment, we will can take a early bath to later start hike!. From the Roundabout began the gradual ascent to the cave southwest of guanacos, through wooded areas and other large balconies, perfect to start with the best snapshots. Light lunch on the way. Next to the cave establish camp, a place with great views of the Cerro Tres Picos, the highest in the province. Take short time to have some snack. Where possible, we will air practices rappelling (descent by rope 20 meters above the cave. Dinner and overnight.

Day 2: A up bright and early. Breakfast. Try the summit of Cerro Tres Picos (1239 m), a hike from about 4 hours round trip to the highest peak of the province of Buenos Aires, where there will be great views. On the way back light lunch to continue with practices introduction to climbing, for those who dare, with all the security. Then begin the descent from the mountains to the ranch, where we will pick up our vehicle to return to Tornquist. End of our services.



speaker_notesIncluded Services:

  • Local transfers.
  • Entry to the reserve and camping right.
  • Full board in the mountain
  • All trekking and climbing tours;
  • Activities; elements of security, communication and general camp;
  • Guides, coordination and pre-departure counseling;
  • Tents
  • Permanent assistance.


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Travel to Tornquist

Personal equipment

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