Manages the general strategy of the company's products.
Trekking, mountaineering and MountainBike guide
Profesional Photographer.
Rock climbing Instructor.
Software engineer.
Online Marketing Specialist.

Director of sales and program design.
Mountain trekking guide I.S.A.S.
Professor and Instructor of the School of Guides Instituto Superior Andes del Sur.
Rock and ice climbing Instructor.
Wild areas Lifeguard.
Writer specialized in mountain activities

Lic. En Turismo
Rock climbing instructor
Amateur Photographer
Passionate about rock climbing.

Guía de Turismo
Técnica Superior en gestión de servicios Turísticos
Estudiante de Guía de Montaña ICABA
Estudiante de astrología
Amante de los animales y la naturaleza

E.P.G.A.M.T. Mountain guide.
National Andinismo instructor.
Profesional Photographer.
Rock climbing Instructor.
Wild areas Lifeguard.
Responsible for Team Logistics.

Guía de Turismo Aventura y Guía de Montaña I.S.A.S.
First Aid in Urban Areas Instructor.
Wild areas Lifeguard.
Paraglider pilot.
Mountain Bike Guide.

Mountain trekking guide I.S.A.S.
Socorrista de zonas agrestes (WFR)
Sport Coach
Rock climbing Instructor
Electro Mechanical technician
Passionate about Adventure Tourism.

Estudiante Guía de Montaña I.S.A.S.
Instructor of theoretical-practical courses.
Wild areas Lifeguard.
Passionate about rock climbing, ice and Cross-skiing.

Degree in Tourism. (UM)
Guía de Montaña (ISAS).
Sport Climbing Monitor (FASA).
Photographer and Audiovisual Director.
- Therapeutic companion. (Comahue)

Professional Guide Student
Engineering student in Surveying
Scholar at the Institute of Geotechnologies (IGEO) of the Maza University.

Guide in trekking and high mountain expeditions
More than 20 years transiting the Andes and high mountains of Mendoza
Logistics and of the Aconcagua Project
Passion for cooking and the mountains

Guía de trekking EPGAMT
AADIDESS ski instructor
Socorrista de zonas agrestes
Animal lover.

Estudiante Guía de Montaña I.S.A.S
Profesor Nacional de educación física.
Studying Bachelor of High Performance Sports. UNLZ.
Preparador físico.

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