Trekking in Los Gigantes, Sierras Grandes, Córdoba

Walking through the valleys of Cordoba

  • Start Date : Request!
  • Hora Inicio: 9 am
    Hora Fin: 5 pm
  • Meeting Point:Los Gigantes, Córdoba.
  • Duration:3 days + trip
    Availability: 12 spots
Los Gigantes Trekking


Stone Giants

Los Gigantes, is the name given to a mountain range located in the midwestern region of Cordoba province, Argentina. It is the northern edge of the Pampa de Achala. Being part of  Altas Cumbres range. At 50 kilometers from Villa Carlos Paz city; this wonder granitic rock region, emulates the image of a giant lying seen from the road from Tanti.

We will start a unique adventure walk where we will go along the streams and trails that are lost in this beautiful area.



Mountain pasture, with a native tree called tabaquillo. The climate is template humid, cool at night.



What we present here is the planned route for the journey, but the exact route , the duration and choice of alternative routes are subject to various factors such as weather conditions and group evaluation by the guide.

Day 1: Meeting in Villa Carlos Paz, Cordoba. Transfer to Los Gigantes, team preparation, presentation and explanation of the trekking; safety rules, distribution of food and equipment. Ascent to a high valley (3 hour- walk). After setting up the tents, we can enjoy dinner and rest until the following day.

Day 2: In the morning we have breakfast and Ascent to the hill Mogote (2300mts), the highest in the region (2 hours). The circuit continues with crossings and descents. Back at camp, we organize dinner under the stars.

Day 3: Breakfast. Trekking back to Villa Amelita and La Rotonda. Transfer back to Villa Carlos Paz. We arrive at 5 pm. End of our services.


Beginner programme. Each passenger individually must carry a backpack with personal equipment and some of the group loads. The distribution of loads will be decided by the guide . Programme subject to weather conditions. The modifications thereof may occur depending on various factors and circumstances. Decisions will be taken exclusively by guides and coordinators.


Level Requirement - Graduation of difficulties

Graduation of this Trekking: M3-F2-T1-P1


In our trekkings, hiking and mountaineering trekking / ascensionism, we have defined a graduation of 1 to 5, in the four points which we consider crucial: backpack, physical, technical and psychological (psychological).


Backpack (M): This point has to do with the weight we carry in our backpacks. In trekkings or hiking where we have to pack animals, allow us to put less weight on our backs. And in  Patagonia (without the option to have mules) we generally have to carry more weight, especially in the first days.


Physical (F): We consider  physical demands to the effort that  can be suffered both aerobically (ascents= possible  breathlessness) , in our muscle (resistance = many hours walking) and in our joints (descents = knee / ankle).


Technical (T): The technical difficulty is based primarily on the ground. As we can climb up a slope, if it is too steep or if we need to use our hands (simple climbing), in both rock and snow-ice, or materials such as crampons and ice axes in other ascents.


Psychological (P): We consider that this point, the psychological factor, especially in ascents, represents an important one. Everyone needs conviction, confidence, self-control and willpower to achieve a goal. And according to the attitude with which we face the distances, slopes, terrain and many other objective factors, we can achieve performances with very different results.


Hence, in two day-programmes  we can have the folowing examples: 

1- classic trekking with the ascent to Cerro Tres Picos in Sierra de la Ventana in the province of Buenos Aires, a round-trip trekking , camping one night in the mountains . The grade will be: M2-F1-T1 -P1


2- the classic ascent to Lanin volcano in Neuquen, with a night in shelter or tent, the normal route: M2-F4-T2-P3

In 5 day-programmes, we have the examples of:

1-Climbing the Nevado de Chani Jujuy-Salta, with carrying  mules

a) no summit attempt Trekking: M2-F3-T1-P2

b) Trekking with summit ascent (the difference is marked only in the summit day): M2-F4-T2-P4


2- Trekking Crossing the Andes by Paso Vuriloche, Patagonia: M5-F3-T1-P2

Included Services

-Internal local -transfers (Carlos Paz-place start and end of the trekking-CarlosPaz)

-2 Nights accommodation in  tents

-Full board, no a la carte menu, from lunch on Day 1 to lunch on Day 3. (4 meals a day: breakfast. Lunch, snack and dinner). - snacks Included.-

-Entrance ticket to Los Gigantes Reserve.

-General Logistics camp (kitchen equipment, safety features, orientation, etc.)

-Mountain guide and permanent coordinator.

-Personal accident insurance.

-Previous advice.

Services NOT included

Bus ticket to Carlos Paz.


Photo and Video Gallery


Cumbre Cerro Mogote - 2390 msnm, máxima altura de Los Gigantes

Required equipment


Special backpack for trekking (60 to 80 liters)

Warm sleeping bag (-10 degrees comfort) (eg. 700gms. Of feather or synthetic good).

insulating blanket (10 to 15mm).

Trekking sticks



1 pair of shoe-boots trekking (fit)

1 second lightweight footwear .

trekking trousers (NO JEAN)

warm trainers or leggings

3 t-shirts

2  polar sweatshirt

1  waterproof jacket

1 hat-sun with flaps

1 scarf to cover the neck from the sun

Warm gloves and scarf or buff

Warm hat


Passport, identity card, passport.

Medical insurance, social work.



Headlamp with batteries.

Sun glasses.

Sunscreen, Lip balm

Toilet paper. Handkerchiefs. Baby wipes.


Water containers for at least 2 liters 


Dish or taper. (No glass or aluminum)

Plastic or metal cup


Optional, not mandatory (see space and weight)

SILVER TAPE tape for blisters and repairs.

Monocle. video or photographic equipment.

Book, Notepad, travel diary, pen, pencil.

Games; cards, dice, etc.

Penknife (eg, Victorinox).

Whistle and lighter.

resistant plastic bags for storing clothes.

Rental Equipment

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