Trekking Calilegua to Tilcara - National Park Calilegua to Quebrada de Humahuaca, Jujuy - Argentina

Trekking Calilegua to Tilcara - National Park Calilegua to Quebrada de Humahuaca, Jujuy - Argentina

Uniting the desert with the forest ...

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alarmMeeting in Salta
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alarmEnding in Tilcara
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1500km from Capital Federal.
7 days + trip
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The blue sky, the cardons, the couplets, the colorful costumes, mark the characteristics of our starting point, specifically Tilcara. Walking paths traveled by the "previous inhabitants" hundreds of years ago and the locals today, to unite villages lost in La Puna and the jungle, defines this place as a unique experience.
Feel the warmth of the people, learn from their simplicity, enjoy their company, in the middle of a landscape contrasting as incredible: paths embedded in the hillside, deep and unfathomable valleys, cliffs and rocks of countless colors, and the best for the end: the forest, toucans, vultures, the corzuelas ... Calilegua National Park.





What we present here is the planned route for the journey, but the exact route, the duration of each stage of running and the choice of alternative routes are subject to various factors such as weather conditions and group assessment by the guide.

Dates 2017:

14th to 20th  May

20th to 26th  August


Day 1: . Reception in en Libertador General San Martin (160 km  away from Salta, 120 km away from S.S. de Jujuy city) . Presentation of the guide, brief explanation of the journey and check equipment. Time to visit the canesugar factory Ledesma or walktour in the city.  Lodging in Hostel and welcome dinner. 


Day 2: Calilegua National Park - SAN FRANCISCO - SAN LUCAS. We get up early in direction of the Yungas. We take a 50- kilometre mountain road (dirt) that runs through the middle of the National Park Calilegua up to the small town of San Francisco.

After final preparations we start the first day of hiking. The trail starts at Peña Alta, 5 km north of San Lucas, from which descends into the valley, then cross the Rio Grande and then goes back hillside the opposite margin. Once we gain some altitude, the trail continues along the south bank of the Rio San Lucas, the vegetation is dense and the landscape stunning: roads cornice, walls more than 50 mts. with caves and waterfalls.Arrival to San Lucas, a beautiful village only accessible on foot or horseback. We will spend the night in a shelter in the community or in our tents.

Hiking time: 7 hours. approx.

Slope: h700 mts. i100

Camping Height: 1950 m.


Day 3: ABRA DEL POTRERO. The group has the opportunity to establish contact with the local people, the kids from school, or to travel around the surrounding region. The journey continues up the precarious horseshoe mark from the red earth, the mountain alder gives way to grassland. The path winds its edges, with magnificent views, to reach a high tableland where we spent the night. Overnight in tent camp wild.

Hiking time: 5 hours. approx.

Slope: H750 mts. i150

Camping Height: 2600 m.


Day 4: MOLULO. A new day in which we can see the best sunrise of our lives, among the hills overlook the golden Calilegua sunlight and illuminate the Valle Grande, all before our eyes! The continuous path edges, with panoramic views. Trees and forests disappear, appear magnificent panoramic views of the hills, their velvety slopes and deep valleys. Towards evening we reached the "Cuarteles de Molulo", a small town in the middle of the Sierras Subandinas. As visitors from another world we come in with the locals, trying to exchange experiences. As the conditions of the moment, we will spend the night in a shelter in the community or in our tents.

Hiking time: 5 hours. approx.

Slope: h500 mts. i200

Camping Height: 2900 m.


Day 5: YUTOS PAMPA. After breakfast we start our journey. During the whole morning we will ascend the ridge of the hills to "Cumbre Grande" to observe one of the most picturesque postcards of Northern Argentina. The trail continues through the edges and slopes, living the transition from the cloud forest environment to the aridity of the highlands. Overnight in tent camp wild.

Hiking time: 7 hours. approx.

Slope: H800 mts. i250

Camping Height: 3300 m.


Day 6: PORTEZUELO - TILCARA. The first few hours are slow and steady climb from Yellow to Campo Laguna (4200 m), the highest point of the entire journey. From here begins the descent to the post of Yutos Pampa. Appreciating one of the best around at NOA. The trail cuts through high valleys, ravines and slopes. Lodging in Hostel / Hostel and farewell dinner.

Hiking time: 9 hours. approx.

Slope: H800 mts. i1200

Camping Height: 2550 m.


Day 7: TILCARA. Breakfast, relax and enjoy the Quebrada de Humahuaca.




Trekking backpack in crossing mode (joining two distinct points of a region). Starting from the Valle Grande (PN Calilegua), ending at the Quebrada de Humahuaca (Tilcara). The overnights are in wilderness areas and tent (occasionally in schools or churches, depending on the town you visit)

speaker_notesIncluded Services:

- Transport from Salta to start of trekking (bus line, regular service)

- Full board, no a la carte menu, from dinner on Day 1 to breakfast on Day 7. (4 meals a day: breakfast. Lunch, snack and dinner.)

- 1 night accommodation in or Posada Hostel in Salta

- 1 night accommodation in Hostel or Hostel in Tilcara

- Load carry with mules to lighten load of food and equipment (1 mule 4 people)

- Logistics General Info (pots, heaters, safety features, orientation).

- Guides and coordination group.

- Previous advice and briefings.

speaker_notes_offServices NOT included:

- Transfers Buenos Aires - Salta / Tilcara - Buenos Aires

- Meals while traveling by bus.

- Rental of personal equipment (backpack, sleeping bag, etc..).

- Rental tents.

- Health insurance.