Path of the Clouds - from Quebrada del Toro to Quebrada de San Lorenzo - Salta

Path of the Clouds - from Quebrada del Toro to Quebrada de San Lorenzo - Salta

One of the most important routes in northern Argentina

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1600 Kms from Buenos Aires
5 days + trip
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Expedition with a backpack on the shoulder, in the crossing mode (joining two different points of a region). The overnight stays, in wild areas, are in tents (occasionally in schools or churches, depending on the town that is visited). Carrying equipment on horseback and mules.


What we present here is the route planned for the crossing, but the exact route, the duration of each stage of the march and the choice of alternative itineraries are subject to different factors such as weather conditions and group evaluation by the guide.

We recommend sleeping the day before in Salta for preparations, last equipment checks and meeting with the guides. Night not included in accommodation in Salta (recommended hostel).

Day 1: Transfer from Salta to Lampasar, Quebrada del Toro. First section of the route ascending the slopes and valleys to the north. We'll cross high passes at more than 3,500 masl to finally reach the small town of Pascha with its little school and church. Rest and overnight.

  • Start Trek: 2480 masl
  • End Trek: 3400 masl
  • Distance: 20 Km
  • Duration: 8/9 hours

Day 2: We enjoy the morning touring Pascha and its beautiful views. Then we'll have a 3-hour stretch to the ruins of the Sillón del Inca, an archaeological site that was once part of the Inca empire, all in descent. Final trek to Berta's Post. Overnight.

  • Start Trek: 3400 masl
  • End Trek: 3320 masl
  • Distance: 12 Km
  • Duration: 6/7 hours

Day 3: On this day, the path will take us above 3,000 meters. At 3,410 meters in the Abra de la Cruz, here one of the most spectacular views of the trip will be revealed. From this point, well above the clouds, you can see the entire Lerma Valley and Salta city. Then the trail descends to the place of our second camp. It takes place in the company of local people who have their agricultural production post. Here we can share experiences and learn about the lifestyle of the current inhabitants of the area. Overnight.

  • Start Trek: 3320 masl
  • End Trek: 2890 masl
  • Distance: 10 Km
  • Duration: 5/6 hours

Day 4: Now the trail takes us closer and closer to the typical humid zone of the Yunga forest. We leave our camp and began to descend. The views here are completely different from what we were used to from the previous two days. The trail continues in slight descent until it reaches the point where two mountain rivers converge (Confluencia). We continue upriver and then we enter the Yunga. Here we have a slight ascent first and something more intense towards the end of the hike. Camp.

  • Start Trek: 2890 masl
  • End Trek: 2280 masl
  • Distance: 12 Km
  • Duration: 6/7 hours

Day 5: We begin the last day of our tour, already immersed in the Yunga of Salta. The path will take us along charming landscapes, towards Salta. Walking on the edge of the mountain, we'll enjoy the flora and fauna typical of the region, in contact every few kilometers with current inhabitants who work their livestock in these inhospitable places. The last part of the tour will take us to the foot of the city of Salta, in Quebrada de San Lorenzo. We'll share some drinks when we arrive at the Quebrada, to finish the trip, returning in our transfer to the accommodation in Salta. End of the program.

  • Start Trek: 2280 masl
  • End Trek: 1550 masl
  • Distance: 18 Km
  • Duration: 8/9 hours


Trekking of the Clouds - El Qhapaq Ñan, the route of the Incas

Backbone of the political and economic power of the Tawantisuyo -the Inca empire- the road network of the Tahuantinsuyo, or the Qhapaq Ñan (in Quechua = path of the King or of the powerful) was a network of roads of more than 30,000 kilometers long that connected production, administrative and ceremonial centers. Recently declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the Qhapaq Ñan (in Quechua, “main road”) today crosses six Andean countries. Starting from Peru to the south, it covers part of the territories of Bolivia, Argentina and Chile and to the north, those of Ecuador and Colombia. These roads allow us to trace the footprint left behind by the Andean peoples, their armies and priests, their merchants and caravans of llamas that transported merchandise. In the north of Argentina, one of the sections of the Qhpaq Ñan is the one we make on this journey, in the Quebrada del Toro area, Salta.

It is a journey on foot, backpack on the shoulder, through ancestral trails, slopes covered with cardones, communities nestled in the mountains, terraced crops and deep valleys. The Pascha community lives in these places, the simplicity of its people and the imposing landscapes make this experience unforgettable. The circuit begins in the puna, on the way to San Antonio de los Cobres, where the horizon becomes infinite. Our adventure ends in the alder forests of the greenest part of Salta, after having crossed mountain ranges of 4000 meters. with valleys, streams, communities, hamlets and old-fashioned posts that transport us back in time.

speaker_notesIncluded Services:

  • Internal transfers from Salta (starting and ending place of the trekking)
  • Full board, non-a la carte menu, from lunch on day 1 to lunch on day 5. (4 daily meals: breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner). - Includes snacks.
  • Carrying equipment with horses and mules. Baqueanos
  • Wild camps and accommodation in towns (schools, churches, etc., depending on the population we visit)
  • Tents
  • General camping logistics (pots, heaters, security elements, orientation).
  • Guides and permanent coordination.
  • Assistance before and during the hike.

speaker_notes_offServices NOT included:

  • Accommodation in Salta (ask us for info or reservations)
  • meals on Salta
  • trip to Salta
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