Nevado de Chañi Expedition – Trekking joining Salta with Jujuy

A crossing through the base of Nevado de Chañi (5994 masl.)

  • Start Date : Request!
  • Meeting Point:Potrero de Chañi to Leon
  • Duration:7 days + journey
    Availability: 15 spots
Nevado de Chañi Expedition – Salta and Jujuy


A crossing to the tip of the Snow capped Mountain of Chañi (5994 mts.)


A mountain expedition is not simply carry your bag and walk... It is about setting goals,  planning the journey, supervising the food, and more details that makes possible accomplishing the “objectives” Our trip starts outside the capital of Salta, where the track becomes in footsteps that remains in the mountain, eventually, in the distance some shy settler appears and the adobe posts with thatched roof are very common. The path goes on under the shadow of the impressive top of Chañi  (5994 mts.), that limits between the Salta and Jujuy provinces, where we start the descent to the popular Quebrada de Humauaca.




Options for the crossing: Going Friday on plane or bus. Also by plane on morning Saturdays. The cost of this transfer is the responsibility of the traveler.

Day 1 (Saturday); SALTA & FIELD OF CHAÑI.  Meeting in Salta and leaving to “Field of Chañi”, located from 3500 mosl to 120 mts. to the Capital of  Salta. Long walk around the place and night of acclimatization in town..

Day 2 (Sunday); PASNATO.  In the first rays of light in breakfast, with bags on shoulders and “the departure”. Quiet trekking day until the next place of camping (3700 mts.). With the incredible view of the south wall of Chañi in front of us. (around 4 hours of walking).
Day 3 (Monday); WHITE CORRAL. The road continues rising, now with the spectacular view of the “Snowcapped of Chañi” and after and intense journey we arrive to White Corral (3800 mosl) where we camp (Around 7 hours of walking).

Day 4 (Tuesday); OVEJERÍA.  Day of rising over Chañi to get to the abra de reyes (limits between Salta and Jujuy - 4200 mosl)  Then we go down to Ovejería, a fantastic farmhouse located on the side of Jujuy. Night of refuge on a typical house of the area. (around 8 hours of walking)

Day 5 (Wednesday); OVEJERÍA. We fall down 4200 mosl, to get to an stunning viewpoint of the whole horseshoe and all the surrounding hills of the  Snowcapped of Chañi. Descent to Ovejería. Staying all night.

Day 6 (Thusday); TRANCAS. After breakfast we departure to the Quebrada de León. In the presence of a beautiful Andean valley, which culminates in differents course of water and where hills falls on the slops velvetiest. We continue in a constant falling and arrive to the beach of the river and we follow walking until the place of camping. (around 7 hours of walking)

Day 7 (Friday); YALA. The path continues down to the beach and transforms in a vehicular precarious path along with the adobe posts changing into brick houses...... There, we get into a vehicle that leads to Yala, where we stay in a picturesque inn. Then the deserved shower and a dinner toast, to celebrate the consummation of the trip. (around 5 hours of walking).

Day 8 (Saturday); We get up early for breakfast and drive with the hired vehicle to the city of Salta. End of our services. Option: A whole night in Salta.





Backpacking expedition. A crossing that links the two northern experiences. (Jujuy & Salta).  At the foot of one of the higher hills of the place. (5994 mts.). Down a place other than the rice, closing one of the most impressive crossings of NOA. The overnight are in wilderness areas and in tents, occasionally in some village shelter.

Included Services


- All the guided tour

- Local transfers

- Coordinators, 2 experienced personnel and 1 guide

- 6 night at campgrounds and/or camp stands
- 1 night in cabins

- Mules and pack animals throughout the journey
- All meals from dinner on day 1 until breakfast on day 8
- General logistics camp (pots, heaters, security features, orientations).
- Previous advice 
- Mountain tents
-  T-shirt – official souvenir






Services NOT included


Possible extra nights in the city of Salta


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