Introduction to Mountaineering, Trekking and Ascension - Vallecitos, Cordon del Plata - Mendoza

Introduction to Mountaineering, Trekking and Ascension - Vallecitos, Cordon del Plata - Mendoza

Ascents to several hills. Option to extend the week to attempt to Cerro Plata

Start Date :
End Date:
Initial time :
alarm9 am in Mendoza ciudad
End Time:
alarm17 hs. to Mendoza. 8 am from the next day Buenos Aires
Meeting Point:
Vallecitos, Mendoza
1200 km from Buenos Aires
3 days + trip
battery_charging_full9 available spots

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The mountains everyone see from a distance ...


El cordon del Plata is the "school" high mountain of Mendoza in particular and Argentines in general. Just a short distance of Mendoza, Argentina (70 km) have in these mountains, one of the relatively few landscapes "alpine country" which combines altitude, really big mountains, ice and verticality. It is a middle ground between the large distances and softness of the high mountain desert northwest and concentrated and upright granite rocks of Patagonia. Much could be written about geological, historical or romantic about these beautiful mountains, where many mountaineers from different generations have lots of memories, dreams and first achievements. But let as determined from the mountaineer point of view. Visible in part from the city of Mendoza and better still from eastern populations and Uco Valley, from Guaymallén to San Carlos, the Mendoza ignores their secrets and many confuse their white mass with Aconcagua or Tupungato. El Cordon del Plata does not belongs at the limit or Principal Range, where the Aconcagua is, or the old Foothills, but between the two, being near the Cordillera del Tigre (Tiger’s Range) called Front Range. It is geologically the newest, so the mountains are the most slender of the Central Andes. Our program invites you to know them and captivate with their large shadows, trying to reach more of their prized summits.





Day 1 (Friday): Meeting at the terminal of the city of Mendoza, 9 am.

Last minute shopping. Transfer by car to Vallecitos charter (2850 m), located some 80 km from the city. In Vallecitos we will settle on a typical mountain lodge where we will spend three nights. Lunch. Afternoon: short acclimatization hike around the area. The options are to access the Veguitas (3200m), place used as the first high camp on mountain ascent of considerable height in the area or a short climb to the hill Andresito (3200). Panoramic view of the cordon and valleys. Return to the refuge. We will have dinner and overnight.


Day 2: Breakfast. This day will be dedicated to the ascent of 4 hills belonging to the small mountain range called "La Cadenita". The hills are: Lomas Blancas (3850) El Estudiante (3900), Caucaso (4050) and Iluso (4150). From the top of them you can get an amazing view of the entire region. Lunch Run. In the afternoon we will return to the shelter. Dinner and team preparation for the next day. We overnight at the shelter.


Day 3: We will have an early breakfast. The idea of the day is the attempted ascent of Cerro San Bernardo, from 4300 m To arrive at their desired summit we go through the camp Las Veguitas and from there ascend through stone and snow corridors to the summit. The output will be very early, to take advantage of the full day increase our chances of success. In the afternoon, we will back to the shelter. 

Farewell dinner and overnight.


Note: It is not mandatory to ascend the hill (same for the previous days). There are different options for short walks.


Day 4 (Monday holiday): Breakfast. Free time morning. Optional: rock climbing by the neighboring walls. Trek to Morrenas Coloradas. Lunch and return to the city of Mendoza. Time to downtown and shopping. Return to Buenos Aires according to each option. Arrived to Buenos Aires the next day early morning.



Option to continue the week (attempt Vallecitos or Plata hills); take advice:

(afternoon ascend to camp overnight Veguitas Superior; 3400 m)


Day 5 (Wednesday): Ascent to Camp El Salto (4200 m). Acclimation, hydration. Rest.



Day 6 (Thursday): This day will be the acclimatization for higth altitude. Short walks around the area. Good nutrition and hydration. Preparing your equipment for summit attempt.


Day 7 (Friday): Summit climb the hills Vallecitos or Plata (as weather conditions and group). We left very early. This will be a very stressful day. Return in the evening to the camp of El Salto.


Day 8 (Saturday): Descence to Vallecitos base and from there, with our private transport to the city of Mendoza. End of the expedition. Ask about the possibility of staying overnight in the city.





Scheduled median grade requirement in the climbs. 

The height plays a major role. 

It emphasized the factor of good hydration before. 

No program is mandatory stipulated. 

Program subject to conditions cllimáticas. 

The modifications thereof may occur on the fly based on various important factors. 

Decisions will be made exclusively by the guides and coordinators.

The option to attempt to summit the hill Vallecitos or Plata is an important physical experience. 



speaker_notesIncluded Services:

Pre-travel advice through photos, maps, meetings. 

Mountain guides and permanent coordinator.

General Equipment and group of the expedition.

Accommodation: 3 nights at mountain refuge.

Transfers: Mendoza - Vallecitos - Mendoza

Security features: VHF communication, full kit. Rescue.

Meals: full board in the mountain.

speaker_notes_offServices NOT included:

Bus or air round trip to Mendoza

Personal equipment

Expenses incurred by the eventual abandonment of the program