Incahuasi - Expedition to summit - Catamarca - Paso San Francisco

Incahuasi - Expedition to summit - Catamarca - Paso San Francisco

Ascent to one of the 15 highest mountains in America

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Fiambala, Catamarca.
NOA - Argentina
End Point:
Fiambala, Catamarca.
50 Km
15 days + trip
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Incahuasi and the Paso San Francisco area

Located in the renowned region of the six thousands of Catamarca, the route of the Seismiles or Techo de los Andes (where there is the largest population of mountains that exceed 6500 meters in height and many that exceed 6000), this hill constitutes a great goal for mountaineers. Although it does not have an important approach on foot (it is mainly done by vehicle), as happens with other expeditions to mountains of considerable height, the San Francisco has already earned a place between the select group of the classic six-thousand of Argentina.


Day 01: Fiambalá, 1550 masl. Meeting in the Catamarca town of Fiambala, morning or noon. Chek In in hostel type accommodation .. Presentation with guides and coordinators. Free afternoon to enjoy the hot springs and the place.

Day 02: Cortaderas, 3300 masl. Free morning in Fambalá. In the afternoon we will move along National Route 60 to Chaschuil and then to Cortaderas, to a small mountain inn, enjoying the landscape that the views of the mountain range begin to give us. Free afternoon to rest, hydrate and continue acclimatization. Dinner and overnight in the refuge.

Day 03: Cortaderas, 3300 masl. This day we´ll dedicate to trekking with a small ascent to a hill in the area, Cerro Chaschuil, 3700mts. Whoever needs or wants to stay down, to continue resting, can do so. Hydration, dinner and overnight.

Day 04: Las Grutas, 4000 masl. Transfer to the Las Grutas shelters. Here we enter the area where height can be felt. Short walk through the area to continue acclimatization. Hydration, dinner and overnight in the refuge.

Day 05: Las Grutas, 4000 meters above sea level. This day, we will start a new trekking with ascent to a hill in the area and thus deepen our acclimatization period while enjoying the geography of the place. Cerro Falso Morocho, 4,700 meters above sea level. Return to the shelter. Hydration, dinner and overnight.

Day 06: Summit and Fiambalá. Very early, we begin our attempt to reach the summit of the San Francisco Volcano, 6036 meters above sea level, as our first objective. A transfer to the parking lot at 5100 meters above sea level and then an extensive and demanding day to the summit. On the way down, we get on the vehicles and descend to Fiambalá. Night in hostel accommodation in Fiambalá.

Day 07: Breakfast and rest in Fiambalá; hot springs, relax, and regain energy.

Day 08: Las Grutas, 4000 meters above sea level and ascent to Base Camp (4600 meters above sea level). Transfer to the Las Grutas shelters. Here we´ll enter by a secondary road towards the base camp at 4600 masl. Armed camp. Short walk through the area to continue acclimatization. Hydration, dinner and overnight.

Day 9: This day we will carry out a port to Camp1 5100 masl and we will return to sleep at the BC.

Day 10: Ascent to Camp 1 n (C1). Night in C1. Approximately 4 hours of activity.

Day 11: Ascent and porting C1 5100 masl to C2 5700 approximately. Night in C2. Approximately 5 hours of activity.

Day 12: Summit day of the Incahuasi volcano 6640 masl. Night at C2 5700 masl. Approximately 12 hours of activity.

Day 13: Descent to the vehicle, transfer to Fiambala. End of program and Services. Approximately 4 hours of walking downhill, and three hours of transfer.

Day 14: Extra day due to bad weather or particular conditions or use of one more night in high altitude camp.

Day 15: Extra day due to bad weather or particular conditions or use of one more night in high altitude camp.


This is an ascent to one of the 14 highest mountains in America (over 6500 meters above sea level); the regime and the requirement is close to what it is to climb Aconcagua.


speaker_notesIncluded Services:

  • Your purchase on an official agency - travel and tourism company registered with the tourism secretariat (Ascent 23 EVyT Leg: 16396)
  • Certificate of summit and participation in the expedition.
  • Preparation and advice on training throughout the year (specific material to train on your own).
  • Special discount on training groups in the city of Buenos Aires.
  • Prior advice for equipment + discounts in specialized stores.
  • Professional mountain guides.
  • Transfers from Fiambala to Las Grutas refuge. (Going). 2 times
  • Transfers from Las Grutas refuge to Fiambala. (Return). 2 times
  • 4 nights accommodation in a hostel in Fiambalá
  • 2 nights in a hostel in Cortaderas.
  • 2 nights in a refuge in Las Grutas
  • nights in high mountain tents (remaining)
  • Technical safety equipment, VHF radios, mountain first aid kit.
  • Heaters and kitchen elements.
  • Sleeping tents throughout the expedition.
  • Satelital phone.
  • Full board (all meals) throughout the expedition: breakfasts, energy, lunches, snacks, dinner.
  • Permanent assistance.

speaker_notes_offServices NOT included:

  • Tips.
  • Personal Equipment. (check the list).
  • Tickets from the city of origin of each passenger to Fiambala. (Consult for ticket issuance).
  • Tickets from Fiambala to the city of origin of each passenger. (Consult for ticket issuance).
  • Meals in Fiambalá
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