from Payogasta to Santa Rosa de Tastil - The Inca Trail Trekking - Salta

from Payogasta to Santa Rosa de Tastil - The Inca Trail Trekking - Salta

A novel route joining two famous valleys to the west of Salta city

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Salta City
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The Road of the Empire

Many years ago, these regions were traveled by the Incas, in their desire to find a direct path to the southern sector of the empire. The Tahuantinsuyo road network or, in Quechua, Qhapaq Ñan, which means King's Road, was a system of long-distance roads in the aforementioned civilization, which linked the important cities on the coast with those in the mountains. The length of the road is immense, just as in Peru the famous section that connects Cusco with Machu Picchu is known, in the north of Argentina there are sections that are still preserved, almost without any type of extra maintenance or preservation, such as the one that crosses the Nevados de Aconquija (between Catamarca and Tucumán passing through La Ciudacita) and this one from Salta, between the Calchaquíes Valleys, La Quebrada del Toro and the humid valleys of San Lorenzo, on the outskirts of Salta city.

Here we suggest you to do one of the least explored and most attractive sections of the Inca Trail in Argentina, where archaeological remains are still found and where there is an amazing landscape, between rivers and gigantic mountains, such as San Miguel or Acay, of more than 5700 masl.


* It is advisable to arrive a day before to the city of Salta, to check equipment and make last purchases.

Day 1: Transfer from the accommodation in Salta to Valles Calchaquies, through the Cuesta de Obispo and Los Cardones National Park. Before reaching Cachi and Payogasta, we turn off along the mythical Route 40, heading north, and in Palermo, we enter a narrower path until we reach the small place of Punta del Agua. After 3 hours of driving and lunch, our walking tour finally begins. The section is short, to begin to acclimatize to the altitude and gradually force the body. The camp is in Potrero de Payogasta.

  • Starting altitude: 2700 masl
  • Camp height: 2800 masl
  • Highest point reached: camp
  • Distance: 7 Km
  • Net time approx: 2 hours

Day 2: A little longer, but keeping a lot of height. We visit the Inca ruins of Payogasta. We will gradually go up the Payogasta riverbed, with ascents and descents in great landscapes. Finally we´ll access our camp, in a deep valley, next to a post of a villager.

  • Starting altitude: 2800 masl
  • Camp height: 3150 masl
  • Highest point reached: 3300 masl
  • Distance: 18 Km
  • Net time approx: 7 hours

Day 3: Day in which we also maintain altitude, to continue acclimatizing, preparing for the most exhausting day. We cross different openings and obtain a wonderful view of the Nevados San Miguel and Acay, of more than 5700 meters above sea level. Camp next to a post, in the area of ??Capillas.

  • Starting altitude: 3150 masl
  • Camp height: 3350 meters above sea level
  • Highest point reached: camp
  • Distance: 15 Km
  • Net time approx: 6 hours

Day 4: The longest and most exhausting day. The first section is through the same valley but immediately begins an impressive climb, of almost 1000 meters of unevenness, until reaching a wide hill with one of the most moving views of the journey. Then we maintain altitude, we go through several transversal valleys until we reach our last camp, already very close to the Quebrada del Toro.

  • Starting altitude: 3350 masl
  • Camp height: 3700 masl
  • Highest point reached: 4400
  • Distance: 20 Km
  • Net time approx: 10 hours

Day 5: The final day is lighter; We make a small ascent and a last descent to the plain that precedes Route 51, the main one in Quebrada del Toro. Finally a charter vehicle will be waiting for us, after the festivities, we will move to Salta city. End of our services and the journey.

  • Starting altitude: 3700 masl
  • Final altitude: 3450 masl
  • Highest point reached: 3800
  • Distance: 6 Km
  • Net time approx: 3 hours

speaker_notesIncluded Services:

  • Internal transfers from Salta (place of beginning and end of trekking)
  • Full board, non-a la carte menu, from lunch on day 1, until lunch on day 5. (4 daily meals: breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner). - Includes snacks.
  • Carrying equipment with horses and mules. Baqueanos
  • Wild camps and accommodation in towns (schools, churches, etc., depending on the population we visit)
  • Tents
  • General camping logistics (pots, heaters, security elements, orientation).
  • Guides and permanent coordination.
  • Assistance before and during the crossing.

speaker_notes_offServices NOT included:

  • Accommodation in Salta city (consult)
  • meals in Salta
  • Trip to Salta
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