Crossing from Iruya to Nazareno - Trekking - Salta

Crossing from Iruya to Nazareno - Trekking - Salta

One of the most wonderful trekking routes in northern Argentina

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alarm2 pm
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Meeting Point:
Iruya - previous day
End Point:
La Quiaca, Jujuy
65 km
5 days
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Quebradas, cerros y Colla rivers - One of the 10 most important trekkings in Argentina #top10treksofargentina

As hundreds of years ago, as the Incas did, we will try to unite these small towns of colla origin, which are capriciously nestled in ravines and hills, the task is not easy ... but the contrast between the heavenly sky and the rainbow Colors of the imposing mountains fill our senses, inviting us to continue, step by step, along those narrow paths, along those deep gorges, fording those rushing rivers.
At dusk, in the heights, share some mates with the occasional old inhabitant, listening carefully to his story, enjoying its warmth but without losing sight of those high peaks that watch over us, with that blanket of clouds that shelters them as dusk approaches...


What we present here is the route planned for the journey, but the exact route, the duration of each stage of the journey and the choice of alternative routes are subject to different factors such as weather conditions and group evaluation by the guide.

Recommended: Arrive the day before in the town of Humahuaca or Tilcara, to acclimatize to the altitude. From the city of Salta or San Salvador de Jujuy you can take buses to Tilcara or Humahuaca.

Previous day: This day you should be already in the town of Iruya and spend the night there, to meet the guides and be ready to start the next day. We advise you on how to travel to Iruya and how to return from La Quiaca.

Consult for the previous week of this date, that we are going to be doing the other great trekking Calilegua-Tilcara; possibility of joining the two.

Day 1 Iruya-Chiyayoc: With the first rays of light, breakfast, armed with loads, and with our backpacks on our shoulders, we went for a walk on our first day. Gentle and short descent to the Iruya River gorge. From here a steep climb awaits us until the San Juan pass (from where the view is incomparable). After a light lunch, we went down to the ravine to face our last climb: to Chiyayoc, a small town scattered on the side of a large hill, along a small valley, 3,000 meters high. Intense day of 9 hours of walking. Night in beds.

  • Initial height: 2780 masl
  • Final height: 3300 masl
  • Activity duration approx: 9 hours
  • Distance: 15 Km

Day 2 Chiyayoc-Rodío: We have breakfast with the heat of the first rays of the sun, we head north. We begin a slow and continuous ascent, to the pass from where we descend along a “multi-colored” path to another small town: Rodio at 3,200 meters above sea level. We are looking for a place to spend the night (school, neighborhood center or tent on the banks of the stream), simple and abundant dinner to compensate for the wear and tear of the day. Moderate day of 7 hours of walking. Night in beds.

  • Initial Height: 3000 masl
  • Final height: 3200 masl
  • Activity duration approx: 7 hours
  • Distance: 15 Km

Day 3 Rodio-Molinos: We wake up with the bells of the school, while we have breakfast we watch, with emotion, together with the little ones, the rise of the flag, we assemble our duffel bags and start the march. A day of ascents and descents, of stalls with people who greet us as we pass, of torrential streams and immense stone walls. Our day ends in another small town, Comunidad de Molinos. Whimsically founded on a ridge with a beautiful view of the Rio Nazareno valley. Long 8-hour day of walking. Night in a sleeping bag in the room.

  • Initial height: 3200 masl
  • Final height: 3200 masl
  • Activity duration approx: 8 hours
  • Distance: 15 Km

Day 4: We wake up early, light breakfast, preparation of the equipment and assembly of the loads. The trail winds and descends to an immense valley, then many river crossings begin. In the afternoon, we arrive at the end of our journey, the picturesque town of Nazareno (3000 masl). After settling in a simple community hostel, we went out to tour the town and look for a place to dine for a tasty plate of homemade food. Extensive day of more than 8 hours of walking. Night in bed.

Day 5: Very early in the morning, our charter transport looks for us and takes us to La Quiaca. There are 100 kilometers of movie style, steps at a height of 5000 meters, meandering paths, llamas and vicuñas everywhere ... Approximately 9 am we arrive at La Quiaca. End of our journey. Here we propose to hire a service that takes us to Jujuy or Salta, consult.


speaker_notesIncluded Services:

  • Transfer from Nazareno to La Quiaca.
  • Full board in the mountains (from lunch on Day 2 to breakfast on Day 5)
  • One night accommodation in a simple hostel in Nazareno.
  • nights of accommodation in houses of local people with beds and one with a sleeping bag.
  • Portage with mules-donkeys of the general team (tents, food, kitchen equipment, etc.) and individual (up to 5 kg. Per person).
  • Guided and permanent coordination throughout the journey.
  • General camping logistics (pots, heaters, security elements, orientation)
  • Personal tableware
  • Communication for emergencies with satellite phone
  • Permanent advice and assistance.

speaker_notes_offServices NOT included:

  • Travel to Salta and Iruya
  • Transfer back from La Quiaca
  • Accommodation in Iruya the night before.
  • Meals in cities and towns (Salta, Iruya, Nazareno)
  • Drinks
  • Expenses caused by eventual abandonment of the program
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